Vance & Hines Big Shots Long Baffle Replacement

Now that I have a sidecar on my big V-Twin, I have to do most maintenance and repairs myself. The latest job was replacing the standard Vance & Hines Big Shots Long baffles with V&H Quiet Baffles© P/N 21869.

Standard Quiet

First thing to do is remove the end caps by removing the hex head screws located on the interior side of the heat shields. Once the screw is remove, the end cap simply pulls out. Mine were a little difficult to get out but with the help of a flat, rubber jar opener I was able to pull them off without damage.

Next, I removed the heat shields by first removing the three hose clamps that hold the shields to the pipes. I wound up bending the clamps to the point that I had to buy some new ones. Fortunately they are just regular hose clamps found at any auto parts store. (The clamps I purchased were a little longer than the ones I replaced – which actually made the re-install quicker.)

The end of the heat shields surround the pipe so you have to twist the shield away from the engine and then slide it back approximately one foot before removing it. I found it easier to do once I removed the rider and passenger floorboards. Without a sidecar, you may not need to do so.

Next, I removed the baffles by first removing the retaining screw on the inside of the pipes.

I then used a pair of long, needle nose pliers to grab a fin on the baffle and pulled it out of the pipe. Mine were stuck so I used a rubber mallet to whack the pipe a few times and with a little twist, the baffle slipped right out.

Before installing the new baffles, I wound some thin wire around the end of fiberglass cloth to prevent it from bunching. Then I installed the baffle making sure to line up the holes in the baffle and pipe and replaced the retaining screws.

I re-installed the heat shields and end caps…and that was it! When I started it, I felt a little more back pressure, so I took it by the shop the next morning. My bike didn’t need a re-tune, but be sure to have that checked out when you change your baffles.

The Quiet Baffles deepened the tone of my exhaust and reduced the volume at idle. But they did not significantly reduce the volume once I rolled on the throttle.