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WCF- Changing Data Contract Names and Namespaces

When posting XML data to a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) web service1, you need to specify the XML namespace of the data sent in the entity-body of your HTTP POST. This lets WCF know how to deserialize the input you’ve

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RESTful Web Services for Resource-Oriented Architectures (ROA) – Part 1 – URI

My previous posts on RESTful web services focused on the nuts and bolts of building a WCF web service with Visual Studio 2010 and consuming that service with client side jQuery. Although that service is RESTful to the extent it

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Consuming a RESTful web service with jQuery and Ajax

In my last post, we created a REST WCF web service using Visual Studio 2010. In this article, we’ll write a client side web applicaiton that uses jQuery and Ajax to consume a REST web service. First, create an HTML

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JavaScript, jQuery and Ajax for reporting on SharePoint lists

In this post, I will show you how to query two SharePoint lists using jQuery and Ajax. We will then combine the results into a summary report. I originally created this example for SP 2007 with the requirement it be

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